2018 New Year Resolutions

I don’t personally prescribe the idea that I can make major changes to my life and have them turn out as I envisioned by taking the first day of the year and trying to change everything about myself. That’s why I am posting this on January 2nd.

I argue that we should spend time setting intentions and then those intentions become our thoughts and our thoughts become the actions that we move into reality. In this post, I just want to share how I use this practice to help me advance myself towards a goal and how I have failed on some of these things.

Okay, how do I sent an intention?

Think it, speak it, repeat.

First I take time to carefully develop this intention. Usually, my intentions are about a broad area of focus, for example, my health and well-being. Severally years ago I decided that my diet was going to be an area of improvement for a new year. (this has been the only one I have managed to make work out) I choose to eat a vegetarian diet. I have worked at it now for about 5 or 6 years. So how did it stay stuck this long I set the intention that I needed to improve my overall health and I saw this as being a great way to achieveĀ this goal.

So taking that same example of going vegetarian I then proceed to speak it in my mind and out loud to myself. Then I would write about what I was going to do to execute on this change and like I have said this has worked out for me.

Let me know what your intentions are for 2018 and how it goes for you!

Sat Nam,


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