Watching the Sunrise

I was in Florida for Christmas break and I took the chance to go to the beach and watch the sunrise. The first day I tried to go there was fog and we didn’t get to see the sun crest above the horizon and illuminate the water and sky. So I went home and vowed to return the next day. I mean I live in Memphis and there is a sunrise like the one you can see in Florida anywhere around.

My father and went back to the beach witnessed a truly amazing sunrise it was something that I will not soon forget. But this past week my mom sent me pictures that they had gone together to watch the sunrise, which made me so happy I want to see my parents enjoy there lives together because of all that they had done for me and my sister.

I had started this post before they had done that and I am glad that I had put this down and picked it back up. I think that is an important part of the creative process work on something and allow it time to breathe and then revisit it. You will always be surprised with what you come up with I know that has always been true for me.

What creative pursuitsĀ are you taking in 2018? Don’t be shy!

Back soon with more.

Sat Nam,


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