Biking to Work

This week I took my bike to work two days this week! Luck would have it that I chose the two coldest days this week to ride to work. While this wasn’t that bad part because I layered up and kept peddling and got pretty warm. The part I wasn’t thinking of was how I like to do things after work like going to yoga class and that it would take longer to get home. In this post, I hope to share some of the successes and failures that I had with my attempts to bike to work.

Now for a little about my bike! I ride a Panasonic Sport 500 steel framed road bike that I had picked up while living in Pennsylvania in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. It had been refurbished and has these wider tires than a road bike would normally have but with some of the potholes and the general state of the roads here in Memphis, these make of a smoother ride.  I have a rear bike rack that came with the bike and I have two pannier bags that are perfect for groceries or all of my things for work.

On the first day when I rode to work I beat everyone to work and was sitting outside waiting for someone to come and unlock the building, that was a cold and long wait but it was well worth it to be early to work I felt extra prepped and ready to go for everything that my day threw at me. But the thing that I had forgotten was that I had to be at work late that night and would have to face some harsh traffic in order to get home. But lucky, I managed to get a ride home and that saved me from having to cross a major highway at 6:00pm. I then went to a Reiki share and gave Reiki to two clients and that was an amazing gift to end the day with.

My route to work has become easier to navigate and I am more comfortable with making the journey across the city and I also feel better about my riding on the streets. Now on the second day was again the first person to arrive… I was again prepped and ready for everything my day threw at me. But I was really tired from having been up late and trying to be awake at 4:00am so that I could bike to work. I think the two yoga classes I took that night after work also did me in. Needless to say Thursday and Friday I chose to drive to work because I had overdone it.

I want to share some key pieces of gear that I think you need to bike commute. I have a rechargeable headlight and tail light that makes me visible to drivers on the road. These are a must have if you are going to do any kind of biking on the roads. They seemed to work well for me I will include a link to the ones that I have on my bike. The next must-have item would be a rack of some sort on your bike. You can get away with using a backpack for awhile but this will most likely leave you with a sweaty back. If you plan on this being your main mode of transportation to and from work you will need some bike fenders. My bike doesn’t have any but maybe on a future set up, I would like to have them.

My verdict is that I enjoyed riding to work and with enough time to prep and the right gear this can be something I could do multiple days of the week!

Sat Nam,


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