Lost in loss

I think most of us have had something happen to us in our personal lives that have struck us in a way that has caused you to get lost. I feel that events like the.

I started this post on June 29th and got to where that last sentence ended. As I frequently do I put my writing down and let the thought breathe and see what else bubbles up and boy oh boy did some shit happen. Looks like I am turning this one from advice to holy shit the house is on fire and we need everyone to put it out. Okay, I am going to walk that back it isn’t that bad but still bad. On July 3rd, 2018 my father passed away suddenly from what was most likely cancer of some sort.

So there’s that… What do you do when someone who was a constant voice of advice, guidance, and support is gone? So this forces me to look at my life closely and what will his legacy be and how can I honor him and do what is best for myself too.  Is it about me or him?

I think it is about him maybe some of the lessons or things he taught me are meaningful to others. My father had this seemingly endless knowledge about how to build or make just about anything from framing a house to plumbing. I think one thing I never truly appreciated was he knew when to say I don’t know how to do this, but I know some who is an expert and can help.

So I went home at the end of August to celebrate his life and this was a time to face the reality of this loss. Which created more pain and hurt around this loss and is part of the reason why I held off publishing this.

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