Ooni Karu- First Impressions

I rush to the door and see that brown box truck and my Ooni Karu was finally on my doorstep. I was impressed with the packaging and the quality of the build materials. The stone baking board is substantial trust me I have cracked several thinner stones and this one feels like it is going to last! I was able to unpack and set the oven up in roughly 30 minutes. Lots of packaging to recycle. I kept the bubble pack the stone came in and the brown paper insert that holds the oven in the box to move it safely. I am for sure going to move so if you are not planning a move then recycle the box but I would keep the bubble pack for the stone.

So my first fire ran super hot and torched the one side of the pizza you quickly learn this oven is bringing the real Neapolitan heat needed to your backyard. Later pizzas were cooked perfectly and you are able to time adding fuel to the oven to when you launch a pizza then you are able to cook it about 60 seconds.

I will be purchasing the gas adapter soon and will review the oven and give my thoughts on what are some pro-tips and must haves to make true Neapolitan pizza. I will also attempt some bread bakes and other pizza styles. Comment your questions or requests!



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